Tuesday, 27 March 2018

                 PARKING NOTICE

 A modern progressive private parking company have 
 taken up the option of £30,000 per annum rent on a 25 
 year lease to convert and use this scrubby piece of land
 into a 100 bay parking lot. And boy do we at Nightmare Parking Services intend to get our money back PLUS MORE.

 A parking tariff of just £1 an hour will earn us in a 
 typical 10 hour day ( 50% occupancy) around £500 ,
 and over the year well in excess of £180,000. Happy 
 days indeed.

 But the best bit is with minimum outlay and overheads 
 we can install 
  •   big brother camera surveillance
  •   difficult to use ticket machines  
to boost our earnings considerably , from simply issuing our customers with nasty PCNs. These bogus fines are expected to represent a mouth-watering 75% of our total revenue. Unbelievable isn't ? And it's all down to you motorists being error-prone , dumb and stupid.  

Looking forward to emptying your wallets

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