Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dear Howard,
I was reading with great delight one of your recent posts by Dr. Sigmund T. Schukelgruber, who was trying to explain why he perceived the world of bridge as incredibly bizarre. Some of his observations had dark undertones to them, but this is not a criticism.....................because the bridge world which I belong to is so dark and so weird, it's positively scary.
So here's my tuppence worth of observations as to why there is nothing to match the bizarre world of bridge, since this is where you really can expect to see the following :
- long term friendships ending in a matter of seconds
- people you have known as peace campaigners throwing down gauntlets left, right and centre
- partners who claim to be your friend constantly crucifying you behind your back
- more dishonesty going on than in a den of thieves
- loving husbands refusing to play with their wives ( and vice versa )
- arrogance and pomposity running riot
- players showing complete ignorance and/or contempt for the laws of the game
- nepotism rearing its head in all its various forms
- people doubting the sanity of others............ as well as their own
- members defending the indefensible
- players bad mouthing others for being ill-mannered
- highly educated people, with high powered jobs, failing to solve the simplest play problems
- players, who have no problem remembering tittle-tattle gossip, failing to recall the last card played
- people, who are oblivious to the sensitivity of others, whinging at the slightest untoward comment made against them
Yours a man like yourself, the one and only.......Fen Boy

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