Tuesday, 27 April 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG.........................
Dear Rebecca,
Do you think there is too much snobbery and elitism in the world of bridge ?
Yours still unable to get inside the inner circle, Toby Shaw
Dear Toby,
As in any world of sport, players are drawn towards those they most identify with, possessing the same qualities, aims and ambitions. Experts will seek out experts, and losers will only find the comfort of equality by partnering other losers. In every bridge club players tend to find their own level, mixing and mingling with those they recognise as equals.
Elitism as such does not exist as something sinister or nasty. Nor is it a blatant demonstration of seclusion and superiority. The situation occurs simply because of an innate instinct we share with birds.....where, if we are of the same feather, we flock together. So it is best all round, if you can go and find your own outer circle.
As for your suggestion that snobbish attitudes might well prevail in the world of bridge, I am tempted to side with you on that one. In every group there are always one or two individuals who are pretentious, stuck up, uppish, uppity, and so-up-arses-of-their peers. These are the tossers who relish the idea of looking down on others below, with absolute disdain and rejection. They crave for elitist status, resenting the time they may have to spend mixing with the mere mortals....the riff raff .....the motley crews....that are all too common within bridge club memberships.
But on a completely different note....... what what really gets my blood boiling is the way that book publishers take the snobbish view that the only bridge material worth printing comes from well-known high profile celebrity players. Thank god for the net, I say, and the wonderful bridge bloggers out there, who produce great stuff for free.....most of which is very readable and entertaining. I have read dozens of bridge books over the years, but only a few were well worth the money I shelled out. As for the rest...well, the content was nothing more than mediocre and uninspiring. In that respect, bloggers have put such authors to shame.
And has any newspaper or book publisher ever come knocking on my door to publish my letters ? Not a chance....Why is that....... given my genius, sharp wit and unquestionable wisdom ? ....Answer : Not only do I remain fairly anonymous........but by my association with The Bigot has done irreparable damage to what little reputation I once had.
Yours struggling more than ever to make a breakthrough into the big time, Rebecca Rood

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