Friday, 23 April 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG...................
Dear Rebecca,
The other day I opened 1NT ( playing Acol 12-14), and I got severely reprimanded by partner after it was doubled...vulnerable....going off 5.....for minus 1400. The hand in question was Q76....K954....KQ....Q742. Had I made a big mistake or what ? Did I deserve such condemnation and abuse ? For here was I, partnering a hypocrite of a man, who informed me later on that he plays a mini notrump ( 10-12 Ist/2nd position ) with his regular partner.
Yours struggling to see the logic of his argument, Misty Windows
Dear Misty,
I'm afraid I'm with your partner on this one. Your opening 1NT bid was ill-judged and woefully naive, being a 12 HCP load of filth. Using a back-up zar point count method of evaluating your hand, your total only comes to 22 ( 12+8 + 2 ), which is 4 short of the required total to open the bidding at the one level. This should tell you, given the adverse vulnerability, to keep your mouth shut.
Indeed, looking at this hand from other perspectives :
- having 5 HCPs tied up in a 2 card suit is bad news
- if the opponents hold the Ace of diamonds , the king is effectively worth diddly squat ( nothing )
- lacking useful intermediates weakens the hand even further
- there is no decent suit to speak of
If you must open on such tat, I suggest you open 1C ( even if it was a 3 card suit ), because there is no way that it is ever likely to be doubled for penalties...and then left in.
As for your partner using the mini notrump, I bet you a king's ransom he only opens the bidding where the circumstances are right : green against red, honours in his longest suits, and possibly holding a 5 card suit other than spades. Even if he gets doubled, I dare say he has a few wriggle options available, and should he end up going off 4 for minus 800, the net damage might only be minus 180......with the opponents having a near certain game contract on their way.
So please remember this : you are not obliged to open 1NT 0n 12 HCPs if the hand is riddled with poor features and glaring weaknesses. You can also come to life if partner enters the bidding......or protect...... later on.
Yours wondering what the bridge world is coming too,
Rebecca Rood

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