Saturday, 10 April 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG..................................
Dear Rebecca,
My partner is driving me much so I'm ready to jack in the game. Why just the other day I picked up the fiollowing hand : x....J98.....xx.......AKQ109xx. I naturally opened 1C to which my partner responded 1H. West chirped in with 1S, and so I rebid 2C. Next bid from partner was 2D.....and in a vain attempt to get the message across to this dumbbell about my really good club holding, I persevered with 3C. Did she pass ? Did she came next was the 3NT bid, which I reluctantly left in. So with her only having a single stop in spades and a void in clubs, the contract was a complete disaster. It went off that many I wanted to die there and then at the table.
Now just how bad was that bid of hers ?
Yours wanting much reassurance and sympathy, Egbert Enderby
Dear Egbert,
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.......I have never come across a more hopeless pair of bidders in my life. Yes, without doubt her 3NT was a rank bad call, but the biggest crime committed at the table was your 3C !! This bid demonstrates to me that you really do need to jack in the game.....because you have no bloody idea what is means to support partner, informing her about the established 5-3 heart fit .
You should have shown your partner that you had some hearts ( damn good ones in fact ) by simply bidding 2H, instead of that damn awful 3C. Now she is in an excellent position to find 4H, which no doubt was a lay down. Since there would be no problem getting across to your hand ( heart or spade ruff ), she would have used your lovely clubs to lob away some of her losers.
Yours unsympathetically, Rood

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