Friday, 16 April 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY..........................
  • Trick : ( alternative definition ) something you play on an unsuspecting partner or opponent
  • Rags : the current vogue of dress as adopted by male members, who are sadly strapped for cash
  • Round : the period of time ( usually 3 mins ) in which argumentative players can square up to each other and fight it out
  • Break : ( alternative definition ) what most players look forward to, so as to interupt the painful monotony of getting one bad board after another
  • Crack : bridge gossip and scandalous tittle-tattle about members' private lives
  • Bye : the last word said to players by their partners, who never want to play with them again
  • Butler : someone super rich sponsors bring along to top class tournaments, to clean their shoes and iron their clothes
  • Table talk : a discussion as to whether the item of furniture in question is robust enough to take the full weight of a player, who is about to be thrown down onto it by an irate partner or opponent

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