Friday, 18 January 2013


Up against Johnny Supremo's team in an open first division league match, Bigot was for once experiencing a measure of joy at the table. However, on one hand a big swing went the way of his opponents.
Bigot held x.....K9874....AKQxxx....x, while his partner came up with AKJxxx....AQ....xx....KQJ.
His first mistake was to open 1H and his second mistake was failing to convert his partner's call of 6H to 6NT.
With 6D and 6NT easy makes with diamonds behaving correctly, there were always 12 tricks for the taking  ( 6D, 3H, 2S, 1C ). Bigot desperately wanted to make this contract but failed after conceding a club to his LHO and a heart to his RHO,  who damn it all was dealt Jxxx in a flattish 3-4-2-4 distribution. 
Bemoaning the 4-2 break in hearts Bigot was inconsolable, but then became extremely incensed when Johnny quietly pointed out that as the cards lay,  a rare and wonderful opportunity had arisen to execute an exquisite trump coup.
On the Ace of clubs lead following by a spade switch, Bigot could ruff a small spade at trick 3, returning to dummy with a heart. Back to hand with the Ace of diamonds, then another top diamond, before going over to dummy again with a heart. Having noticed his LHO's heart 10 from a presumed doubleton, everything now relied upon dummy's remaining black cards all being good. So when the king of spades brought down the queen his LHO opponent was well and truly fixed. At some stage she would have to ruff a spade or club winner, which would then enable Bigot to over-ruff, pull her last trump, and claim the contract with nothing but diamond winners in his own hand.
" But why should I presume my LHO had 4 hearts? " asked the sore and whimpering Bigot.
" Well, my partner gave a honest and even count on her clubs at trick one, not to mention her high low doubleton count on diamonds, and her odd number count in spades. So with a highly probable 4-2 holding in the minors,  she had seven cards in the majors. So by dismissing the notion she had five spades,  she could have only started out with 3......which therefore means she had 4 hearts." 
" are a sickening smart-arse who does my head-in ! "
" are a sad git who cannot make obvious inferences or take constructive criticism. "   


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