Monday, 9 November 2009

BRIDGE WORLD: WHAT YOUR STAR SIGNS SAY.................... So as promised, here are two more commentaries as to what your star signs say about your bridge. The aim of this horoscope is to provide readers with an accurate diagnosis of why they fail at the game, but what can be done to remedy the situation.
  • Libra ( September 23rd - October 22nd ) : Be honest with are getting panned every time you sit down at the bridge table. You never, for instance, get the balance right between active and passive defence. Your results are so poor you have failed to scale up the EBU ranking ladder for several years now. Can anything be done to tilt the results the other way ? Well, now that the Sun is in harmony with Mercury and Mars, it is time to find new heavy-weight partners to counter-balance your weaknesses. They will certainly raise your game, but more importantly, they will be there to offer sound advice. Listen to what they have to say, especially about weighing up the available evidence from the bidding, before making any decisions as to what might be the best tactics in defence .
  • Scorpio ( October 23rd- November 21st ) : You have a real ability to inflict immense damage upon your opponents, but unfortunately you allow yourself to be stepped upon first. Good results seem to desert you. Why spend all your time lurking around, when you should be on the attack. Hiding underneath stones and in dark corners is not the way to succeed in bridge. So now that Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn, the time is right to make a sustained series of pre-emptive strikes. Paralyse the more exposed opponents with a barrage of weak two-bids, and weak-jump overcalls. Sting opponents with penalty doubles that really hurt. Make sure your aggressive bidding never gives them any room to manoeuvre, or find an escape. Stick in a few biting remarks to unsettle them, and if necessary get under their skin. In no time at all your poor results will begin to tail off. Then, and only then, will the rocky road to recovery begin.

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