Sunday, 1 November 2009

DR. JOHN'S CASE NOTES: NOTI BUTU MATIA SYNDROME Of all the disorders I have ever come across, none seems as bizarre and distressing as this particular one. The tragedy is that players diagnosed with this nauseating syndrome represent the largest client group on my books. Their main underlying problem is their dogged refusal to recognise and acknowledge any responsibility for situations they initiate as the prime movers. The degree of self-denial simply beggars belief. There is a blind, stubborn refusal to accept they are the trigger and primary cause of every petty-minded quarrel, dispute, conflict and altercation that takes place at their table. Usually it will involve an issue with partners, but there are plenty of instances where opponents are wrongly singled out for blame . If they accuse others of provocation they fail to realise that it was always self-induced. Victims of this syndrome are experts at building fortresses of self-delusion in which to protect themselves. They fool themselves that they are the victims of bullying when in reality they are the perpetrators. They can only believe in the opposite of what is true. Their ability to rebuild defensive walls faster than I can knock them down borders on the miraculous. Therapy sessions have been prematurely terminated because those afflicted steadfastly refuse to listen, face the truth, and/or welcome change. Their attitude is always a defiant " it isn't me mate, it's you.....who is the problem". If there was ever a group of bridge playing clients I would really like to throttle, then it's this bunch of irritants. Indeed, I have always found it so easy to remain non-judgemental, detached and professional....except of course when these buggers happen to be seated on my couch.

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