Friday, 27 November 2009

A TRIBUTE TO HOWARD BIGOT-JOHNSON............ ( By Howard Bigot-Johnson )
  • This is the 250th post on what is now a bridge blog with a world-wide following. So shouldn't someone else be writing this tribute ? Hell no....because no one knows me as well as I know myself. Only I know how perplexed I am at commentators viewing my blog as utter garbage, with all the trappings of a dissident, subversive counter-culture. Moreover, it is easier for me to recognise their claim, that I and my band of alter-ego characters have discredited the game of bridge, is without any substance whatsoever....being both baseless and false. Their vile criticisms have already led the Cardinals Bridge Club to imposing a membership ban on me for being a heretic, a serious dissident and threat. However, my fan base has not been distracted or fooled, for they regard me as a very serious man....a messiah in fact.........who is prepared to deal with unpalatable truths in a light-hearted and satirical way. I may be unorthodox, or even a rebel...but I'm certainly not a reactionary.
  • I am a person who speaks his mind, and never one for sitting on a fence.....especially if it's barbed. The fact that some of my articles have been viewed as biased and savage means nothing to me, because I know that behind my mischievous mask lurks a very grounded, non-judgemental and open-minded person. Just because I express my opinions in a curmudgeonly way, that does not necessarily means I am one. Far from it....I merely strive to be a master of surreal comedy. However, I must admit I do find it difficult in separating the comic persona of misanthropy from the real me. Indeed, trying to separate myself from all my other alter egos is no picnic either. The arguments and conflicts that exist within my multiple-personality causes me daily problems and difficulties, not to mention restless and sleepless nights. There are parts of me I can't bloody stand....such as that pompous, trumped up, smarmy, thinks-he's-so-clever, self-acclaimed bridge guru...Johnny Supremo....what a tosser.
  • Anyway, it's best you see me as a man of distinction and eccentricity, but one who is committed to exposing the bridge world for what it really is.....BIZARRE BEYOND BELIEF. And if anyone thinks otherwise, then he or she a bigger tosser than Johnny himself.

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