Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bigot was determined to get his students to think straight, especially if they were to succeed with a few difficult declarer play hands. For him the secret of success required a player to have the right mind set, which involved both lateral and creative thinking in order to reach the right conclusions. The class waited with bated breath for the great man to speak.
" Well class.....let me try you out on're walking along a Scottish road and you spot a lone black sheep in the corner of a field. What conclusions can you draw ? "
A hand went up, and Stephanie answered : Surely, you could definitely conclude that sheep in this part of the world are black ".
Bigot's face cringed at such a crass reply, but another student confidently spoke out : " May be not all the sheep are black, but at least some of them are. "
Again, Bigot looked crestfallen at such a naive answer. He grunted his disapproval before moving onto another student anxious to speak.
" The only sound conclusion one can reach is that out of the sheep population in this area at least one of them is black. "
By now Bigot had lost his patience big time, and was pulling out his hair in sheer despair.
" You bloody lot just don't get it. How come none of you can reach the right conclusion......the obvious one , which is both correct and irrefutable. Indeed........ the only thing you can say for certain is that at least one of sheep around there is black on one side ! "

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