Friday, 4 March 2011

For the benefit of all those players who have yet to achieve, I have decided to come clean as to how I made it to the top. One has to adopt a broad philosophy or approach that sets you on the right path to success : guiding principles which will serve you well throughout your bridge career, even in the face of difficult circumstances, top class opponents , or nasty hands to bid or play.
  • Ignore criticisms that your hesitations are a forming of cheating : consider them more as " creative problem solving "
  • Be obscure clearly
  • Never look on opponents as good or bad : either they are tolerable or intolerable
  • A facile solution will never solve a complex bridge problem
  • Naff first bids are the root of all bridge disasters
  • Nothing in bridge is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool
  • Good players use the facts they have gleaned with imagination, whereas jackasses simply choose to imagine the facts
  • Never worry if there are no kibitzers at your table : for it is known fact that the number of kibitzers watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions
  • Opportunities in bridge always look bigger going than coming
  • Astonishment is what pleasure at the bridge table is all about
  • Most convoluted bidding systems are nonsense, but some are a greater nonsense than others
  • In bridge 2+2 = 5 is not without its attractions
  • Many difficult declarer play problems have simple, easy to understand wrong answers
  • It is a heinous crime to lie when you bid, but there may be many occasions when it is necessary not to tell the truth
  • Rubbish partners should do the right and decent thing : ask " to be taken out and shot "
  • It pays to keep a shotgun in the boot of your car

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