Saturday, 19 March 2011

Far too many bridge experts have written books making wild claims that bridge is an "easy game ", and that everyone has " the potential " to become an expert like themselves. Well, what a load of crap ! Bridge is such a difficult and challenging game that only the chosen few with discipline, talent and flair have ever gone on to achieve renown and recognition for their triumphs. The rest of us just make up the numbers , swimming around like fish in a barrel while waiting to be shot.
But hey, all that shouldn't stop you becoming a "better " player in other respects. Better at coping with defeat, harassment, hapless partners and unfriendly opponents. Better at coping with your own negative emotions and hang-ups. Better at getting more enjoyment and satisfaction out of the game. Better at staying positive and up-beat about your modest abilities.

This means adopting a particular philosophy on bridge, which will help you develop the right frame of mind for all bridge occasions. And so for all you who desperately need help in this department, here are a few pearls of wisdom you should never ignore .......especially if you want to become a better player :

  • Never test the depth of the shark invested waters with both feet
  • Remember, you're always capable of becoming an average player, just like everyone else
  • Never let any player turn you into a roll of carpet, unless you want him/her to walk all over you
  • If you're never likely to succeed, redefine success
  • Never miss a good chance to silence your opponents
  • Good judgement comes after a bad experience
  • If you want to look big at the bridge table, put a cushion on the seat
  • You often need to sit down for a minute to know where you stand
  • Treat every next hand as the one you might get right
  • Be proud of your mediocrity
  • Open your mind before opening your mouth
  • When you don't know what to do, at least do it with style and grace
  • It is easier to apologise than to ask someone where you went wrong
  • Thinking you may be wrong once will always be your biggest mistake
  • When you're in it up your ears, keep your mouth shut
  • If you can't outbid your opponents, then try to confuse them
  • If you were born to fail, be glad you took up bridge......and not sky diving
  • Going one trick down is better than two
  • Bad experiences usually come from bad judgement

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