Wednesday, 29 June 2011

ANOTHER ALMOST TRUE BUT AMAZING STORY......... ( By Bridgemeister Gibson )
Back at the Walnut Tree Allotment BC there was a surprisingly high turn out for the AGM. During the meeting the chairman stood up and asked members to volunteer for a sponsored half marathon. The money raised would then go to a local charity.
Bigot , still bemoaning the fact that he was to leave another prize giving event empty handed, was unimpressed. So true to form he shouted out from the back of the room : " Piss off.....I've haven't run in years......hell.......I get out of breath just walking between tables ".
" That's a pity ", said the chairman, " this marathon is for handicapped and blind children ".
At this point Bigot immediately jumped out of his chair, brimming with interest and enthusism.
" In that case.....count me in......this is something I could definitely win ! "

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