Wednesday, 1 June 2011

GRAVESTONE EPITAPHS FOR BRIDGE PLAYERS........ ( Cemetery research by Pun )

  • A timid bidder who finally passed out big time
  • Openly spied on committee members but has since gone underground
  • Down on his luck and now down for good
  • In life he strove hard to be an expert: only in death did he became the finished product
  • Always claimed the cards were against him : even his big heart proved not big enough
  • Told so many lies at the table, partner refused to believe him when he said he was ill
  • Loved to play bridge on the edge, but that extra step was his downfall
  • Had a habit of only being half right : thought he was a " dead cert " to make it through to the next round
  • His death was caused by an overdose of viagra : his favourite female partner took it very hard indeed
  • Took contracts out ( into unmakeable disasters ) , until partner eventually took one out on him

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