Friday, 3 June 2011

GRAVESTONE EPITAPHS FOR BRIDGE PLAYERS...... ( More discoveries by Pun )
  • Spent his whole live solving difficult and complex bridge problems, only to die of complications
  • A nervous player who after years of biting his nails chose to bite the dust instead
  • Can anyone shed some light on how I got here ?
  • Said his partner would be the death of him. Prophetic words indeed.
  • Deeply missed by all those members who never knew him
  • One particular hand completely took his breath away
  • A hopeless player who thought he saw light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly, it was a train.
  • If partner asks after me, tell him I'm upstairs
  • In remembrance of a serial psycher : here he can lie to his heart's content
  • His inability to see the danger hand cost him dearly
  • Weak two bids were the death of him : he just couldn't hackett
  • A hopeless bidder who once again signed off too early

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