Monday, 6 June 2011

BIGOT'S SHOCKING DISCOVERY...................... ( An interview with Dr. John )
- Dr. John......I not sleeping well at all
- Why is that ?
- Terrible reoccurring dreams.....bloody nightmares in fact !
- Please go on......I'm intrigued
- Well, each dream starts off with me sitting at a bridge table in a tiny little room with three complete strangers. All the other competition players are in the main hall. After the first few boards we wait for new opponents...... who never come. Noticing that the room has no exit door we soon realise we have reached a dead end. ..... condemned to play the same few boards over and over again.
- Now that is strange
- Naturally, we start chatting between boards, revealing in great detail all the sins of our past. How we , directly and indirectly, caused timid, gentle, harmless, sensitive players to suffer terribly from our relentless, cruel, psychological bullying. With each shocking admission comes vitriolic rebuke. The scrutiny by those listening is ruthless and merciless, with every one employing the same lack of sympathy, and callousness , that caused them to sin in the first place.
- My God Bigot.....this is not a dream but a vision of your future. This is your hell !
- What do you mean ?
- In your mind you see hell as other bridge players just like you. In fact this so-called dream of yours is so reminiscent of Jean Paul Sartre's play Huis Clos is uncanny. Tell me....have you ever read or seen this marvellous work ?
- No....I bloody haven't....too damn busy laying into bumbledogs, numpties and wooden tops at my local bridge club
- is was my contention that Jean Paul was trying to make sense of The Human Condition. How self-awareness imposes the greatest punishment upon those responsible for inflicting so much pain and suffering . Self-denial is a crudely built wall destined to grumble and collapse under the colossal weight of one's guilt and shame. Yes Bigot.....every one who takes up bridge does so as a free man, able to choose his own morality based upon personal choice and responsibility. However, since you choose to be amoral..... your day of reckoning is here ..... as the forces within your collective unconscious compell you to accept the consequences of your actions. In other words...... hell is a bridge venue of your own making .
- Blimey I need to take steps to redemption ...... before it's too late
- Yes, but first you need to take some giant steps ...... straight to the cash machine around the corner ( and back )....... because this session has just cost you £500
- Bugger....

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