Saturday, 25 June 2011

This question has to some extent been answered by what happened to John Bennett. Clearly, not all husband and wife bridge partnerships avoid conflict, disagreement and retribution. The reality is that such partnerships can only lead to fall out, acrimony and in many cases alimony.
Is it because each spouse heaps unrealistic expectations upon the other, such that frustration and anger becomes extremely acute, when one inadvertently lets the other down ? Or is because the familiarity borne out of marriage breeds a level of contempt that is so poisonous, the prospect of maintaining mutual respect becomes almost zero ?
Well, I have been digging into husband and wife bridge partnerships to get a real perspective on whether or not it is a recipe for disaster. Certainly, in the majority of cases.... their bridge results are !
Anyway, here are some comments direct from the horses' mouths so to speak that clearly endorse a resounding " no " answer:
- I plan to be a bridge widow next week....... I've just bought a gun
- Partnering your spouse is like 2 sides of a coin : you just can't face each other, but you're stuck together
- I thought about partnering my husband......and then I thought again
- Playing bridge with my wife has given me an insight to the fulility of the human existence
- My wife and I were happy for 20 years..... then we started playing bridge together
- When I married my husband my life was incomplete....since we started playing bridge together my life is finished
- I don't worry about terrorism....I've been partnering my husband for years
- If love is blind, then partnering your spouse will be a real eye-opener
- Marriage is absurd if you have to sleep with a partner you hate most
- The secret of a happy marriage is never choose your spouse as a partner
- Partnering your spouse is like a 3 ring circus : enduring, bearing and suffering
- We found a solution to our marriage difficulties : I play bridge on Tuesdays, he plays bridge on Thursdays
- Someone once told me playing bridge is a recipe for mental illness, but partnering your spouse simply doubles that danger
- Bridge is really tearing me apart....the other night I was ready to kill my wife, until I remembered it was her turn to do the house cleaning
- Having your way and partner your spouse.......runs the same marital risk as having your way with someone else's partner

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