Thursday, 23 June 2011

A VERY NEARLY TRUE STORY ................. ( As told by Bridgemeister Gibson )
This story is about two letters. The first was sent in to William Hills from a member of the Cardinal BC , and the second was bookmaker's swift and abrupt reply.
Dear Sir /Madam,
Following a recent discussion in my local bridge club, which I might add became very heated indeed, I would like you to inform me as to
(a) the possibility of laying a bet on whether the hard-done-to Percy Pantopod, recently expelled from the club for cheating, will get reinstated, should a ruling go in his favour at the County Court hearing ( scheduled for the end of the month )
(b) the best odds you can offer me for such an outcome
I enclose a 300 page dossier which outlines in great detail the legal arguments, and all the likely counter arguments , as currently presented by both sides.
Yours eagerly awaiting your reply, Brock Lee Spears
Dear Brock,
Thank you for your recent communication.
The company wishes to confirm that it is not the business of offering odds on unresolved matters that may be considered to be in poor taste. These include the outcomes of street brawls, petty squabbles, insane stunts, bitter divorces, and complex court cases.
I trust I have clarified the company's position on this matter, and if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again.
Please find enclosed the return of the dossier, which proved to be a very interesting read. However, since the law is to some extent predictable based upon authorative precedents which judges are obliged to follow, I might be willing put £200 on Pantopod succeeding, but only if someone came forward offering odds of 3/1 or better.
Yours Frank Lee Speaking

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