Sunday, 17 February 2013


Bigot's nemesis opponents quickly reached 3NT. The contract was made in a matter of seconds. She took the opening spade lead with the Ace, cashed the Ace of diamonds, and then proceeded to rattle off dummy's seven top hearts on which to lob away all her losing diamonds.
On the third round of hearts, a highly agitated and fuming Bigot discarded the Ace of clubs.
With the naive innocence of a saintly nun, declarer turned towards Bigot's partner and politely asked " What is the meaning of this discard ? "
The poor man who had a real sense of foreboding, thought for a while before answering.
" I believe......", he said tentatively, "........that he's telling me I should have led the unbid suit and that I'm due to get the mother of all bollockings at the end of this round ". 

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