Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Specific items of dress if worn by errant and disobedient members will result in their membership being automatically terminated  without the need for any kind of disciplinary hearing to take place. 
Therefore under no circumstances whatsoever ( including Christmas and New Year festivities ) must a member of this club turn up wearing any of the following :
1. Kinky black leather items with or without a whip
2. A suit of armour 
3. Fig leaves
4. Anything dripping in blood
5. An Andy Pandy suit
6. A Hannibal Lecter T-shirt
7. See-through nightie
8. A Rambo outfit
9. A Margaret Thatcher face mask
10. Prison uniform
11. A strait-jacket
12. A pink satin jump suit ( if you're a man )
13. Scuba diving gear ( even if recently graduated )
14. Morris dancing regalia
15. A monstrous false black moustache and mariner's hat 
16. Birthday suit
17. Jack boots and a black shirt
18. Anything with a Hello Kitty logo
19. False boobs
20. Facial tattoos 

In fact..... anything the committee regards as being in bad taste and/or offensive to the eye. As self-appointed experts in fashion style , clothing standards and respectability , their judgements cannot be queried , questioned or challenged. 

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