Friday, 25 July 2014

THE DAY JESUS CAME TO PLAY ........ ( The follow up nearly true story by Bridgemeister Gibson )

As the teams competition got well underway , the two old men sitting North/South were holding their own , playing their usual solid game. Meanwhile , on the other table Jesus and his partner were winning all the imps. Jesus was indeed walking on water, playing like a man blessed with divine inspiration.
Opponents seemed unable to stop themselves handing out heaven sent gifts. Bidding intuitively stopped short of unmakeable games and slams , as though an unseen guardian angel was whispering words of wisdom and advice into Jesus' delicate shell-like ears.
With visionary prowess and an insight to where key cards were lurking , Jesus time and time again brought down stiff off-side Kings , and picked up missing queens even with even anti-percentage finesses and drops.
So despite a few small mistakes by the other pair , the team managed to win the event by the narrowest of margins. The three old man were ecstatic , utterly whelmed by their achievement.
Never before had they managed to make the top half of a field let alone come top. With tears of joy in his eyes  West turned towards his Jesus , his partner , and asked : " How did you do it ? "
Jesus gave him a little wry smile. " Never underestimate the power of prayer. I made one to my Father who was only to keen to give me a helping and there ".  

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