Wednesday, 16 July 2014


  • Ace  :  in the context of flying bridgemates a crack pilot with a unrelenting passion for close encounters 
  • 2nd session : the latter part of a tournament where most players spend all their time wondering why they flunked so badly in the first 
  • Sell out : a decision by players to allow the opponents to play in 3 of a minor when game is on their way 
  • Depression : what many bridge players suffer from when expressing their anger with a total lack of enthusiasm
  • Treasurer : a person voted into office to hoodwink members into thinking the club is in a better financial shape than it actually is  
  • Bridge bore : an extremely pompous player who is forever me-deep in conversation
  • Justice : something that only takes place when the decision goes in the committee's favour at the end of a fiercely contested legal dispute
  • Tomorrow : the day an average bridge player expects his/her game to improve
  • Letter of apology : a written statement of regret , sorry and remorse which lays the foundation for re-offending
  • Bridge prodigy : a child who can steer home extremely difficult contracts long after he/she ought to be in bed

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