Thursday, 17 July 2014


  • Ideal Partner : a person who dislikes the same club members as you do
  • Patience : what players only seem to have when they don't know what card they should play next
  • Gross ignorance : what your dreadful partners are guilty of being 144 times worst than the prevailing level of ignorance within the club membership
  • Feedback : what you get from a critical partner who ate far too many red hot chili bake beans for his dinner
  • Conscience :  ( a ) what is severely lacking in the psychological make up of a cheat and (b) the inner voice which only speaks to a player when there's the likelihood of someone somewhere looking on
  • Amnesia : a condition that enables a player who has endured an extremely severe bollocking to play again with the same foul-mouthed partner
  • Partnership : a classic example of a paradox
  • Table yawn : an honest opinion openly expressed
  • Committee : an institution in which the whole is equal to the scum of its parts
  • Hope : a disappointment deferred

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