Thursday, 17 July 2014


Dear Rebecca,
I'm sick and tired of people going on about how horrible it is play at the Slaughter House Bridge Club. Well, I'm a member there and it is bloody great.
Where else would I get to butcher rabbits by the dozen , lay into hapless and inept partners with utter loathing and contempt ,  swear like a trooper ,  cheat like a dog and behave in a thoroughly objectionable way......without so much as a whisper of disapproval , polite warning or risk of a reprimand.
This wonderful little haven is the only place I know where you can be who you really are.

Yours...... living is for those who really love life,
                                                              Evan  Hisell

Dear Evan,
Yes , you do have a point. Most of us spend our lives trapped inside strait-jackets of conformity , forced to behave in accordance with regulated codes of conduct , and other people's rules about acceptable standards of behaviour. The alternative is chaos , bedlam and anarchy.
However , as much as the Slaughter House might be right up your street ,  I happen to have principles ( based on decency and respect ) which I would never compromise. 

Yours quite willing to stand up for the helpless and weak,
                                                                       Rebecca Rood    

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