Sunday, 21 March 2010

BIZARRE BRIDGE WORLD REACHES ANOTHER MILESTONE... ( A few words from Dr. Sigmund T. Schukelgruber )
Yes folks, this is our 400th post as we approach the 8th month mark. And as bridge blogs go we, the editorial team, are flabbergasted at our initial success. Every day several new locations sites are being registered, with people's curiosity no doubt getting the better of them. However, we still haven't got a bloody clue just how many of our first-time visitors stay on to become regular readers.
One of our major gripes is that many of our articles are designed to provoke responses, even if there are only from shocked and outraged readers. But hey ho, we figure that very few people want to converse with a bunch of complete non-entities and mentally disturbed misfits.
Anyway, the team intends to plough on determined to win over the hearts and minds of the growing bridge blog reading community. We aim to make this blog the most popular one going, despite our lack of celebrity status. Yes, the team accepts we can't compete with some truly great bloggers, who produce excellent stuff on news items about the real bridge world, its big players, its big stage events, not to mention those big interest hands that offer so much in terms of fascinating analysis and debate. No, we are here to look at the bridge world from another expose its bizarre side with a dollop of dark humour mixed and a bit of the light-hearted stuff. We are in essence here for the rank and file bridge players......... people who are not really interested in technical stuff and up-to-date news, but people who have an unusual passion for something completely different. The fact that they enjoy reading the drivel churned out in abundance in Howard Bigot-Johnson's " Bizarre World of Bridge " must surely be down to one thing. There's something wrong with them.

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