Sunday, 28 March 2010

This condition is so prevalent, it is a near certainty that there are victims with this disorder in each and every bridge club worldwide. What is worse is that the rest of bridge playing community has to suffer their pathetic attempts to be funny. Much of their banter involves " sniping " and "insulting " all and sundry, using sarcastic quips and questions to belittle and berate those targeted as soft listeners, or cannon fodder. This affliction, which is both an alarming and disturbing form of OCD, drives them relentlessly on to become jokers in the pack. They foolishly, and mistakenly, see themselves as witty and amusing, but to all those who know them, they are regarded as annoying prats......whose comments are tasteless, tactless, very often rude....but always incredibly unfunny.
The failure of others to point out that their crass, insensitive, and inappropriate remarks are not wanted or well received, only exacerbates their condition, and their determination to try harder. However, victims remain oblivious to the fact that they have become pariahs within their own clubs. Nothing seems to stop them, even when they receive threats of having of " having their words shoved right back down their miserable throats ". Even when comments are made about their rude remarks, they quickly defend themselves by saying " I only meant it as a joke ". For them to describe their banter as "humorous" is the joke, in that victims of jokus pathetica have no comic talent whatsoever. Sadly, nothing can be done for them to either alleviate their symptoms, or find a cure. Isolating such menaces is the only way club members can hope to obtain any respite from such irritating banter. Indeed, many clubs have invested large sums of money in converting cellars into short-stay detention cells.

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