Thursday, 25 March 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG......................
Dear Rebecca,
Is it good for my mental state of health reading this utterly insane blog called Howard Bigot-Johnson's Bizarrebridgeworld.
Yours teetering on the edge, Cliff
Dear Cliff,
The blog that you refer to does the same thing in a literary ( or illiterary ) form, as Dr. John does, for example, in his truly wonderful Case Notes..........and that is to point up some of the absurdities of bridge players through the medium of satire. In this bizarre bridge world of ours, where things get truly ridiculous at times, enjoying satire becomes an essential requirement for our mental health. It takes a little of the air out of the people we dislike, who with their big inflated egos take themselves far too seriously. Obviously, people like that deserve to be brought back down to earth. It also gives the rest of us a jolly good laugh at their expense.
HBJ's blog is an example of pure and honest satire, written brilliantly by a team of frustrated authors, who want their names to be known and mentioned by millions. They crave for fame and recognition of their talents do I.......and so I cannot praise their combined efforts enough.
In closing, let us all remember that someone once said " Laughter is the best medicine. " As bridge players, we have to endure week after week, the overwhelming misery of poor results and sitting down with players that make our skin crawl. So please regard this blog as a life-saver, which will restore your sanity and personal well-being.
Yours reassuringly Rood

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