Thursday, 11 March 2010

BRIDGE SPEAK GOBBLEDIGOOK.... ( A very short article By Bridgemeister Gibson )
Gobbledigook refers to words that are nonsense, or put together in a meaningless or encrypted language. Something , more often than not, described in an overly complex, incoherent, or incomprehensible manner. The best examples of course are found in statute books, which call upon judges time and time again to provide some meaningful interpretation. However, on a few occasions gobbledigook can crop up in bridge text books, which are written by experts for the benefit of experts. Why just the other day I was reading a hand from Hugh Kelsey's " Bridge for the Connoisseurs ", when I came across this analysis of how an awkward 3NT could be made:
" What sort of an ending was that ? Technically it can be described as a compound guard squeeze incorporating a losing squeeze card. East is subjected to a strip-squeeze in clubs and hearts, and the moment of the throw-in operates the guard squeeze against West ".
Confused ? You bet I was.....even though the hand, and a full explanation of the play, had already been provided. Because let's be honest here, how many bridge players do you know who could make any sense of that incomprehensible summary.........where so many squeezes were squeezed into so few words ?

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