Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dear Rebecca,
Am I pissed off......all my best efforts to get my novel system bids licensed, and permitted for general use, seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I wanted to introduce a 3 card major bidding system ( using the magic 1C bid to show a hand which could contain a 4 card holding in one, or both majors )..... but no ! Then I asked the ruling bodies to consider my 2 card major opening bid ( again using the magic 1C to possibly show a 4 card holding, and the sparkling diamond to show a 5 card holding, in one or both majors ) .....but yet again the answer was no. So finally, in an act of sheer desperation I asked the powers that be to consider my latest initiative. A bid that could revolutionise bidding like no other .....the pre-emptive splinter bid !
This bid is in effect an advanced splinter where you open 1H/1S, with just a losing singleton in that suit, anticipating of course that you and your partner will find a superb fit later on.....elsewhere. Partner uses 2C as an enquiry as to your shape, requiring you to bid 2 of the other major if you have 3 or fewer in that suit. With majors in your mitt then it's back to opening 1C. This is bridge at the cutting edge. Do you agree ?
Yours out to impress Joe Kerr
Dear Joe,
I must admit that to some extent I can see the logic behind the pre-emptive splinter bid. By bidding the major suits to show shortage, you can of course find your minor suit fits by simple deduction. Moreover, you may also be able to stifle weak opponents, who will no doubt be thrown into confusion by your suit denial ( and enquiry ) bids. However, I do think your madcap bidding ideas live far more up to your name, than any beginnings to a new revolutionary bidding system.
Yours regretfully Rood

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