Saturday, 29 January 2011

BIGOT PULLS OFF A MASTERFUL COUP..........................
During the mid-session interval of the Walnut Tree Allotment's major Swiss Pairs event of the year, Bigot had a pressing need to visit the lavatory. Having just seated himself down, he was amazed to hear that unmistakable whinging voice coming from the cubicle next door.
" Who's next door ? "
" Bigot "
" Oh thank God.....I'm in a spot of bother here......there's no bloody toilet paper........and I've got a rather sticky bum. Have you any spare ? ........I need about 4 sheets "
Bigot stared long and hard at his own full toilet roll before giving a negative reply.
So Percy tried once again.
" Well, do you have any Kleenex on you ? "
Again the reply was negative.
" Not even some cotton wool or a piece or two of scrap paper ? "
A long pause then followed the third negative, but eventually the silence was broken by the sound of Bigot rifling through his wallet.
" Listen Percy, what paper money do you have on you ? "
" Oh....just a £50 note I'm afraid "
" That's fine ......just push it through under the partition and I'll give you four life-saving £5 notes in return "

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