Saturday, 1 January 2011

  • Interference : what one always gets from an irritating club member who likes to butt into other players' private conversations or discussions
  • Reverse : a clever manoeuvre which should be only undertaken when (a) you at the wheel of your car, and (b) your errant partner as instructed is looking inside the boot
  • Kickback : an action that should be done will real force against any player that happens to upset you
  • Outside feature : a term used to describe a physical characteristic of a player's face, such as a red bulbous nose, or extremely hairy ears
  • Minimum raise : the ultimate embarrassment for player who boasts about his sexual prowess
  • Delayed raise : a situation which usually occurs when an embarrassed member resorts to viagra
  • Maximum raise : one with an elavation of well over 90 degrees : often the first requirement for a player who has set his heart on getting a big score

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