Friday, 21 January 2011

WELL, THERE'S NO ANSWER TO THAT................ ( says Bridgemeister Gibson )
It's a friday afternoon duplicate session at the Walnut Tree Allotment BC. Many of the players include newcomers, who want to do better are are very keen to learn. A hand has just been completed and declarer ( West ) has made 10 tricks in three diamonds plus one , chalking up an just-below-average score for the board. West is in the process of returning her cards into the slot, when she muses over the result and then poses a question to North. He was a vastly more experienced player, who could be relied upon to pass on some useful nuggets of advice.
" Do you think I could have done better ? "
" Yes ", came the immediate reply, " You have an excellent chance of making 3NT because of the known excellent diamond fit, and a spade lead up to your King would have guaranteed 9 tricks off the top. 3NT might also fail, but that is the problem about playing pairs. In order to get tops you need to take on a different bidding philosophy, opting for riskier NT contracts over the much safer ones in the minors . Sometimes you have to be in the wrong contract to get the best score ".
" Oh....I wouldn't know about that because we don't play Pears ".
" But you are playing pairs "
" Sorry, not so..........we play basic Acol "

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