Friday, 14 January 2011

CAN YOU NAME ME A SPORT WHERE.......................................
- the referees hide themselves away from the field of play, leaving it to the players themselves to blow the whistle
- spectators have to remain quiet whenever they see foul play
- wholesale cheating can go on unabated, unobserved and undetected, and be completely ignored by the governing bodies
- only half the players are aware of the rules, and most of them only pretend to understand them
- minnows are allowed to swim at their peril, and always out of their depth, in shark infested waters
- rankings are determined more by quantity of appearances, rather than the quality of results
- bad behaviour on the field of play rarely if ever leads to a sending off
- the referees tend to base most of their rulings on the hearsay evidence of players they never like to offend
- the playing field is far from level, given the players' right to use whatever system cards they like
- a prized ability is one which involves counting up to 13
- players coming second are never happy or satisfied
- blaming team members will always take precedence over team bonding and support
- money can always be used to buy results, in that sponsors pay handsomely to be carried on the shoulders of giants
- final placings owe more to the performances of others on the field of play, as opposed to the players' own individual performances
- slow players are allowed to hold everyone else to ransom and get away with it
- the governing bodies who should be looking to make the game more appealing, make decisions that bring about the exact opposite
- most players, as soon as they set foot on the pitch, undergo a complete personality change......for the worst
- the more a player thinks about what to do next, the less likely he/she is to arrive at the correct answer
( Article by Carp )

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