Saturday, 29 January 2011

AN IN-DEPTH STUDY OF A BRIDGE BULLY........ ( By Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi )
The dictionary definition of a bully is a person " who habitually acts in a cruel or overbearing way, especially towards smaller or weaker people ". However, whatever definitions are looked at , there appears to be one common theme : bullying is a form of abuse.
But when one enters the world of bridge, the bully usually takes on the form of a dominant male player, who has a major ego problem along with a serious superiority complex disorder. He is a person who can not stand to lose an argument. A person who is compelled to regain any lost advantage in an argument without delay. In order to do this he must raise his voice above the level of the prevailing conversation, but never to a height which could be defined as screaming.
In simple terms this vocal manoeuvre seeks to accomplish two objectives. Firstly, to convince partner, and secondly to inform others in close proximity, that certain boundaries governing arguments have been overstepped. These boundaries , as if laid down and ordained by God, simply endorse the view that no one should challenge the bully's superior knowledge and understanding of the game. Moreover, should any player be accused of making a mistake, he or she must accept this unpleasant truth by dutifully acknowledge their shame and guilt.
In situations where the bridge bully finds himself losing his way in an argument, he will begin to make statements, usually personal remarks to or about his partner, which rapidly increase in both the degree of incoherence and intensity of abusiveness. For example, he will make inferences as to his partner's hesitant, fumbling, confused and indecisive actions. These inferences cleverly avoid the reality and logic of the situation, where it was the bully's own incorrect bids, leads and signals which caused partner to become terribly perplexed, worried and unsure. The bully programmes himself only see his partner's mistakes and never his own.
This extremely disagreeable sort of player is nothing more than a blind, bloody-minded hypocrite, totally lacking in humility, forgiveness and compassion. He seeks to exploit other players' weaknesses in such a way as to confirm self delusions as to his superiority and greatness. To protect their bloated egos they must prevent other players from ever succeeding with a legitimate defence or point of view.
( Footnote : observing these odious blots on the beautiful landscape ( of our beloved world of bridge ) has been without doubt the most distressing experience of my life )

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