Monday, 10 January 2011

CAN YOU READ MY HAND............. ( A short story by Bridgemeister Gibson )
With her husband now working in the far East , Sylvia Swamp was immediately on the look out for an active replacement. So when this 58 year old Mae West lookalike plonked herself down at the table, the two young men present had just cause to be worried. After removing the cards from the first board, Sylvia studied her hand very closely. Her face was now a picture of delight.
" Whoever can guess what's in my hand, you can have rampant unending sex with me for the next few months. "
Not overly thrilled at the prospect, both sensibly said nothing. A minute passed by, but still no one answered.
" Come on ", she urged, " Just make a guess. "
" Okay..." sighed her reluctant, but extremely polite opponent, " I'll have a wild stab.................. it's a hand with a 10 card spade suit, with three outside Aces . "
Everyone laughed, but then the slightly off-put Sylvia looked closely at her hand once more. And seconds later she was smiling again. Slowly but surely she moved towards him. Then, with her lips pressed against his delicate ear, she gently whispered : " Not quite right.......but close enough...."

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