Monday, 24 January 2011

SOME THINGS OFTEN LEAVE A BITTER TASTE................ ( Another nearly true story by Bridgemeister Gibson )
After a night of wild distributions, nasty trump breaks, and swinging boards, Percy Pantopod cut a very forlorn figure sitting at a table in an almost deserted bar. He looked down dejectedly at his full pint of beer, contemplating whether or not to drink it. Just as his hand reached out to pick up the glass......... in walked Bigot to snatch it from him, only to pour its liquid contents straight down his throat in one almighty gulp.
" Well Percy.....blow me if that wasn't the most peculiar tasting beer I've ever had...... BUT WHAT are you going to do about it ? "
" Nothing ", replied Percy sadly, " I should have guessed you would pull a mean, dirty trick like that. It's not been my night. First off, I managed to go down in 4 games and 2 small slams, which are making everywhere else. Then would you believe.... opponents kept bidding and making the most jammy contracts ever.... on nothing more than bloody tram tickets. Add to that 3 TD rulings, all of which went against me. And lo and behold to cap it all .... in an act of unbelievable stupidity...... I told my partner that if I went off in this 29 point 3NT contract, I would drink a pint of my own piss....
Well, 8 tricks was all I could make.....and so...... just as I plucked up the nerve to drink walked in !

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