Tuesday, 11 January 2011

( The following is a little snippet from a murder trial in which Bigot-Johnson was eventually found guilty of manslaughter, after his lawyer successfully established a defence of diminished responsibilty. )
Judge : Will the defendant Bigot-Johnson please rise........You sir have been found guilty of unlawful manslaughter after throwing an opponent out of an upstairs window to his death...........just because he successfully bid and made 7 spades. So before I pass sentence, is there anything you would like to say to the court other than " bugger " ?
Bigot-Johnson : Yes your honour......there is something I need to mention in my defence, which my arsehole of a lawyer managed to completely overlook. What would any sane rational man think if put in the same situation, when an arrogant and obnoxious opponent manages to pull off a 7 spades doubled redoubled miracle on a combined 5 count ? ...... Well, I felt quite justified in taking the view that if this smug bastard can walk on water..... he can certainly walk on air !

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