Wednesday, 19 January 2011

  • MUD : what most players will throw at others in order to blacken their names
  • Book player : defined by A.W. Drayton as " a safe player but not a very dangerous one "
  • Chance : a fine thing
  • Kiss of death : incurring a 200 plus penalty when the opponents could only make a modest part-score
  • Club : a situation most over-40 female members would prefer not to be in
  • Duck : a recommended course of action should a flying bridgemate be heading your way
  • Principle of preparedness : getting some practice in with a rubber or two in mind
  • Congress : a coming together
  • Phantom pair : something one associates with a female player who obviously wears a padded bra
  • Rags : an apt term used to describe the scruffy attire so often worn by impoverished student members, whose wardrobes consist only of T-shirts, torn jeans, and open-toed sandals

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