Thursday, 15 December 2011

BRIDGE ADDICTION............ ( Another shocking tale from Bridgemeister Gibson )
Bigot-Johnson had shacked up with the woman of his dreams : a curvaceous sexy looking blonde, who not only owned a liquor store, but always spoke warm kind words in a soft honeydew whisper. Tragically, she was admitted to hospital for tests after experiencing severe abdominal pains. After getting the test results at the hospital the consultant told her " I'm sorry to tell you that you haven't long to live. I give you twenty-four hours at the most." Distraught, the woman went home with one pressing and urgent need : " Darling, I've only got hours to come on now...take me upstairs and make wild passionate love to me all night .... "
Bigot looked at her tetchily and said : " How selfish can one be.... you know it's bloody Thursday......and I'm down to play bridge tonight ! "

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