Thursday, 13 May 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY .................
Bridge terminology on many occasions originates from bizarre incidents that occur at the tables, or from the colourful language used by high profile celebrity players. Take for instance the phrase " a cow in every pasture ". This phrase was slightly adapted from the original one " a cow in every field ", which was first used by a Stourbridge BC player in 1947 to describe a hand, containing an honour in every suit. It came as no surprise to hear that he was from the farming community, a rough and ready type.....not endowed with a rich vocabulary. However, in recent years the phrase has come to have a completely different meaning, as sexism in large parts of the UK is still endemic within the game. And so, in most bridge clubs located in the rural and backward parts of England, men are now using this phrase to descibe the awful reality......... that no matter what the event is , or the size of the field, a very disagreeable and unpleasant lady player will be out there grazing.

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