Sunday, 30 May 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAIBAG.............................
Dear Rebecca, The majority of members in my local bridge club are well over 60, and I'm probably one of the oldest. My results in recent years have been consistently mediocre, never reaching 50%. Everyone keeps telling me to quit....and I'm fast running out of players who are willing to partner me.
I need your advice as to whether or not I'm over the hill, and should call it a day.
Yours, Wilma Hart-Takett
Dear Wilma,
Everyone needs to know when they have reached their sell-by date, and when of course their time as competent bridge player has passed them by. That moment is not always easy to recognise. Pun, God bless him, has done a couple of articles on this very subject of " You know when you are over the hill ", which are well worth checking out. But hey, I'm also willing to have a crack at it .
So should any of the these observations ring a bell, then you will have your answer for sure.
Yes Wilma, you know you are over the hill when.........
- the only jogging you do concerns your memory of what's on your system card
- " getting lucky " at bridge simply means avoiding a bottom
- doctors are telling you to slow down, but TDs are ordering you to speed up
- having picked up a really exciting hand, your pace-maker switches on the club's TV
- you find yourself asking a novice partner on where you went wrong as declarer
- a young female partner tells you she's got pierced....and you look straight at her ears
- your partner complains about your new crocodile skin shoes, when in fact you sitting there in bare feet
- dreams of getting to the top table involve a cruise liner and a very accommodating captain
- going bra-less to the club at least enables you to pull out all the wrinkles in your face
Yours, hoping these observations might provide you an answer, Rebecca

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