Monday, 24 May 2010

QUOTES OF THE YEAR................ ( As reported by Pun )
" What issue is it ,which you are desperate for the committee to address ? "
" I would very much like it if there could be a standing arrangement for me to have a sitting seat. Indeed, it's my understanding that one has to take a stand to sit, and because I'm an upstanding member of this club, I don't want anyone with a seat on the committe standing against me over this sitting matter. "
" If over-bidding is your main problem, what do you intend to do about it ?"
" I need to stop for a start.....or to put it another way.....I need for a start to stop ?
On board 22 everyone wanted to pass the buck by passing. So when the player in the pass out seat passed out ( as he fumbled for a pass card ), no one knew what to do. Minutes passed by before the problem was passed onto a TD, who ruled the board could not be scored as a " passed out " hand. His reasoning was that " the ending of the auction had never to come to pass, because the player in the pass out seat passed out before getting round to putting his pass card on the table. " However, when the player who passed out before passing recovered, he quitely remarked " will someone run pass me what the hell has been going on ? "

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