Thursday, 27 May 2010

Boston was the venue for the first of the scheduled matches arranged for this formidable touring team, against the best players currently topping the USA rankings. The vu-graph spectators, who were fortunate enough to get tickets to attend the big event, were then to witness something they would never forget. The atmosphere in the hall was intense....almost suffocating.......with so many reputations at stake. Unwisely, for the American players, they had decided to stick out their necks by predicting an easy victory.
But it was in the first session, when the The Bigot Boys from England quickly established a real stranglehold on the match ( and their opponents ). This lead was never to be seriously challenged, enabling the visitors to canter home as easy winners. Seemingly much more equipped at getting to grips but some wild and freaky hands, it was Ronnie " Mad Dog " Maddox, who was the star of the show. He was really on fire, going full throttle to bid and make every game and slam. All the members of USA team choked, whenever pressure put on them by the aggressive tactics adopted The Boys.
Time and time again the Americans ran out of breath, as they tried to recover from those early set backs. Now they had to come to terms with the folly of sticking out their necks at the start, with predictions which clearly were the equivalent of waving red rags to savage bulls. Moreover, this result would now dent the national pride quite considerably, but for the defeated players it had been an even more painful experience. Most of them were left limp and lifeless, struggling to say even a word about the terrible ordeal they had just gone through.
And as for Bigot.....well, he was a very happy man.....immensely proud for putting together a team of genuine (w)ringers, who demon-strated their expertise at successfully executing all types of excrutiating squeezes throughout the whole match.

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