Saturday, 15 May 2010

This is a very common disorder characterised by a victim's pathological or exaggerated compulsion to loudly criticise and castigate his/her partner, irrespective of who is really at fault. This particular affliction belongs to a whole group of disorders, where victims completely lose their self-control . This results in low level aggressive behaviour, where all the pent up anger and frustration manifests itself through volleys of accusations, insults, dressing downs, threats and stern reprimands. Players who succumb to haranguerosis possess a flawed and blinkered analysis, which compels them to focus all the blame for bad results on their partners. However, the timing of their outbursts often occurs much later, when large audiences are gathered in the bar area. This ensures that the dressing down becomes a public dressing down. This condition of course is not easy to treat, but back-alley physical work-overs have proved very successful.

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