Thursday, 13 May 2010

THE WONDER OF BRIDGE ( PART 2 )........... ( By Bridgemeister Gibson )
Way back in November 2009, I published a hand where 3S was bid and made in both directions !! The gist of the article made out that the hand in question had to be an absolute which was more likely to be the product of our dreams rather than an actual deal. Well, let me tell you that I came across another published hand based on a goulashed deal, where the same thing actually happened. Here the distribution was far more freaky, as illustrated below :
North : 9.....J109.....AQxxx......AKQx
South : J107xxxxx......xxxxx.....(void)....(void)
West : (void) ....(void).....J1098xxx.......xxxxxx
East : AKQ8.......AKQ87....K.....J109
At one table ( N/S vulnerable ), a bold and adventurous South opened 3S, which was passed out. North wisely took no action, and East who was unable to double for penalties also passed, expectiing a few 100 penalty points to come his way. How wrong he was. West led a diamond taken in dummy with the Ace, felling East's stiff king, and South discarding a heart. Then followed 3 top clubs, with 3 more losing hearts going away. Next game the established queen of diamonds, which allowed the last losing heart to go away whether East discards or trumps high. If East trumped low, South would overuff, leaving only 1 heart and 3 spades to lose. Contract made.
At another table, it did require an unusual bidding sequence for West to end up in 3S : pass, pass, 1D, 2H, pass, pass, double, redouble, pass, 3C (panic), double, 3S ( ! )......passed out. Why South didn't double heavens knows....but he also was well pleased with his decision to stay silent, as this contract also came rolling in. South Made the best lead of a low spade at the start, with East having to take the trick with the queen. Next came five hearts tricks with South having to follow all the time. Once East switched to a minor suit, South was obliged to ruff, and now he was effectively end played, having to concede 3 more spade tricks to East. Contract made.
Such things of wonder make bridge the most bizarre, and most delightful, game on God's earth.

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