Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A TRUE STORY...................... ( By Bridgemeister Gibson )
How do you begin to explain to your captain in a team of 4 match that on a hand where you should be bidding and making a rock solid slam ( in either major ) for plus 1430, your score on that board showed minus 700 !
The answer is both simple and unbelievable.......but true. My RHO opened one diamond, and I, with a powerful 6-6-1-0 distribution hand, made an old fashioned game forcing bid of 2D. My LHO opponent passed...and so did my partner !! With a void to my left, and a singleton to my right, in the majors, not to mention a 7-4 diamond fit for the opponents, they had no trouble taking 12 tricks.
When I rounded on partner as to why he didn't bid, he bashfully admitted he thought the bidding had gone 1D - pass ! - 2D by the opponents...................and only having a few HCPs in the majors and an awkward 4-4-1-4 distribution, he thought a pass was the most sensible option. To bash him fully seemed the most sensible option to pass through my mind at that moment, as I wondered how our fiery and unforgiving captain was going to take this dreadful news.

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