Sunday, 5 September 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY ...........................
  • Master : the top card remaining in a particular suit, but never the Jack. This of course gave rise to the age old saying " Jack of all suits, master of none ".
  • Low : (i ) a term used to describe the majority of bridge players, who are destined never to make the grade. As for all the hapless half-wits, who are labelled the " lowest of the low ", there can be no worse insult. (ii ) the position you quickly need to get into, if intending to avoid a fast flying bridgemate heading your way.
  • High : the degree of optimism even modest players start out with when entering a tournament event. However, this unfounded optimism quickly evaporates away once the inevitable run of wretched scores begins to tot up
  • Hold-ups : ( plural ) an item of clothing worn by lady players renown for being " top heavy " , structurally designed to offer essential uplifting support
  • Touching : an adjective one might use to define those rare moments in bridge where a player will actually offer words of comfort to a distraught partner, who has just blown a relatively easy grand slam

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