Friday, 26 August 2011

Nothing.......absolutely nothing in this blog past or future should be construed by anyone for any reason as anything other than pure harmless drivel and unconventional satire ........much of which sets out to stimulate the interests of warp-minded readers , who like to laugh at themselves and all those they recognise as belonging to the weird and wonderful stereotypes , that make up this bizarre world of bridge we have all come to love and know.
Further, it needs to be said that the author of the blog is completely mad. So much so that any psychoanalyst worth his salt would certify in his defence that his disability proves beyond all reasonable doubt that he never meant, nor intended to mean, or ever will intend to mean any harm or threat in any way, shape or form to any person and/or institutions, mentioned either by direct reference or by subtle and devious indirect inference and innuendo.
Furthermore, no similarity is intended between any person or institution mentioned in his blog , especially regarding those venomous articles and outrageous parodies........ but if by remote chance there happens to be a similarity with a real living person or actual institution then the connection is a purely an unfortunate coincidence.......a one in a million accident totally in keeping with the laws of probability.
Finally, if any readers who because of their over-sensitivity, paranoia and self-loathing become hell-bent on seeking legal redress or sticking the boot in, then they need to be reminded of my constitutional rights with regards to freedom of speech, and the unhampered dissemination of meaningless drivel and satire.
( This disclaimer was inspired by and adapted from one used by Reinhold Aman in his truly wonderful article " J'accuse " , which believe you me is biting satire at its best . )

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