Tuesday, 23 August 2011

There is no point denying it.....we are all guilty of hypocrisy from time to time. We fail to practice what we preach. We chastise others for sins we openly commit ourselves. However, the story I'm about to tell you illustrates hypocrisy at its worst.
Mid-way through a duplicate a friend of mine encountered the club's most notorious hypocrite : the self-proclaimed " I am one of the most ethical players around ".
As it happens my friend was playing a prepared club system, which required initial bids and responses to be alerted and explained. On the first hand of the set, the hypocrite asked about the meaning of a particular bid, whether or not there was proper disclosure on both their system cards which, of course, needed to be identical . An explanation was duly given, along with an apology for not providing full disclosure about the bid on the documents in question. This apology was greeted with a muffled grunt, a disparaging shake of the head, and a face loaded with grimacing disapproval.
Then , on the next board, my friend happened to glance down and notice the bog standard system/score card his accuser was using . To his shock and amazement he noticed that the front page, where the basic outline of their agreed system should be , was utterly BLANK..... other than the word ACOL which had been scribbled in at the top !
And so there you have it.....an unbelievable example of brazen hypocrisy which proves , beyond all reasonable doubt, that the world of bridge really does orbit the outer limits of the twilight zone.

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